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Mission Statement Sunava Tourism Consultancy’s mission is to deliver best guiding experience with the most qualified background and make a difference in the proposed sectors.

Keys to Success

The keys to success in the business are the following:

Know-how and professional knowledge on Tourism.

Personal and professional skills gained through his career experiences.

Effective management of the business.

Sectoral background.

Products and Services

Sunava Tourism Consultancy will provide the following services:

Thematic tours and guidance for Turkish people in the UK and Ireland

Arranging accommodation,

Providing transportation services,

Organizing short term professional seminars/workshops,

Sectoral basis visit to arranged businesses.

Offering tour guidance for historical and popular destinations in Turkey for the UK residents

Arranging transportation,

Booking accommodation,

Choosing catering services.

Exclusive tours for special groups

VIP tours for businesses,

Guidance for official people from the governments or top companies.

To promote tour destinations in both countries and consultancy services for travel agencies.

To introduce and provide information about the English language centres and universities in the UK to prospective Turkish students/learners.

To coordinate students’ abroad journey from the beginning to the end.

Finding the English language learning school,

Registration of the student,

Providing recommendations and consultancy to students,

Advise on appropriate levels of attainment to set as targets.

Organize group travel services for students including but not limited to:


Airport transfer


Cultural activities

Application of legal procedures and registrations after their arrival in the UK

Police registration

Opening of bank accounts
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